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Hijama Cupping Guide - Offline - الحجامة سنة ودواء

Hijama Cupping Guide - Offline - الحجامة سنة ودواء Hijama Cupping Guide - Offline - الحجامة سنة ودواء To apply suckers on the back, the bell...

Hijama Cupping Guide - Offline - الحجامة سنة ودواء

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Hijama Cupping Guide - Offline - الحجامة سنة ودواء

To apply suckers on the back, the belly or the legs is the trend of the moment. Celebrities, athletes, everyone goes there. You find the idea a bit weird? Discover how it works, and the benefits of this surprising technique.


Hijama is used to treat a wide range of conditions including migraines and hay fever and involves cutting the skin and drawing blood with suction cups.
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