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Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022]

Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022] Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022] List Of Best CMD Tricks (Command Promp...

Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022]
Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022]

Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022]

List Of Best CMD Tricks (Command Prompt Hacks)

1. Creating Con Or Non-Deletable Folder With CMD

In Windows, you can’t create a folder with name con or can not rename a folder to con. It is because it is a variable name used by Windows programming. And, other variable name includes lp1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9, aux.

Due to these windows can not allow you to make a folder with this name. But with the help of the dos command, we can create a folder with such a name. So here how to implement this fantastic cmd trick.

1. Press the Windows button and run CMD as an administrator.

2. Type the command with this syntax “drive name.” Because this command allows you to enter the drive in which you want to create a folder. For example, d: and press enter.

3. Now enter the following command.

MD con and press enter.
4. After that, your folder is created in a specified drive.

List Of Best CMD Tricks (Command Prompt Hacks).
Deleting con Folder.

You can not delete such a folder manually by using Windows. To remove this folder, type the following command in the command prompt.

rd con

2. Shutdown Computer In Specified Time With CMD

You can also shut down your computer at a specified time using the command prompt. If you want to shut down your computer, you have to type the following command after two minutes.

shutdown -s -t 120
cmd shutdown

3. Print Message Before Shut Down.

We can also print some messages before shutting down a computer. Some users can use it as a reminder, which reminds you of a task at the time of shut down.

We can do this by using the following command.

shutdown -s -t 500 -c “My message.”
We can replace my message with our message we want to display.

4. Shut Down Computer With Commands

Best in all other cmd tricks and hacks. You can also shut down your computer by using the command prompt. Then, type the following command in it.

For Shut Down

shutdown -s
For Restarting

shutdown -r
For Logoff

shutdown -l
-s -r -l parameter tells the computer to shut down, restart, log off

5. Assoc CMD Command.

There are many programs installed on our computer. Each program has its file extension. It is difficult to remember each file extension.

If you want to know which file is associated with which program then we can do this by typing the following command


This command provides you a list of programs and their related data.

6. Hide A Folder With CMD Command.

We can play some interesting tricks with the command prompt. Hiding a folder is one of them.

By hiding a folder, you can also save your data from other users. You can do this by typing the following command.

attrib +s +h D:ABC

Where ABC is the name of the directory, we want to hide.

Unhide The Folder.

If we can also unhide the hidden folder using the command prompt. To unhide the folder, you need to type the following command.

attrib -s -h D:ABC

7. Net Related Commands.

A net is a cmd tool that is used to see the stat of the network. This command provides information about the active connection.

This command is used to update or view network settings.

It is used to view the services that are started using the following versions of this command

1. net stop server ( the server is currently not running any service).

2. net start server (the server is starting a service).

3. net start (it is used to check the services that are currently running).

4. To connect to shared network devices, use the following command.

net use m:sharedservername (for connecting to share network drives).

net use m:sharedservername/delete (for disconnecting to share network drives).

8. Netstat CMD Command.

Netstat command is an essential tool when you want to know about who is establishing a connection with your computer. The output of this command provides you the information about all active connections and listening ports.

We can view Ethernet statics and resolve connecting host IP address to a fully qualified domain name. Netstat command can be used with the following attributes.

1. -a (display all connection).

2. -n (sorts connection in numerical order).

3. -b (executable display name. that is browser name).

9. IP Related CMD Command.

IPconfig is the most useful command to see the IP address, Default gateway, and subnet mask. This command is related to networking and is most famous for troubleshooting the problems related to TCP/IP.

To view Subnet Mask and IP Address used.


To view TCP/IP related Information use.


To view DNS cache use.


To delete the local cache of DNS use.


10. Nslookup CMD Command.

When we use the internet, the Domain name server resolves the Domain names to IP addresses, so we do not need to remember the IP addresses.

But in case of troubleshooting, we can instead get the IP address of a particular website using this command.

Hence, the syntax is nslookup google.com

11. Get a List Of PC Drivers.

Another amazing in all cmd tricks by using it, we can get a complete list of all drivers installed on your PC along with their details.  Just type “driver query” in the Command Prompt.

Then, tap on entering to see a list of all drivers installed on your PC along with their details.

12. Command Prompt Color Change.

We have seen Command Prompt with a black screen and white font since forever. Because it is the default theme. What users do not know is that the colors in the command prompt can be easily changed. So here most wanted in all CMD tricks.

To do so, right-click at the top corners of Command Prompt, then select “Properties” from the menu. In the properties, click on the “Colors” tab, and you will find all the options to change the color of both text and background.

13. Create Your Own WiFi Hotspot.

Due to android phones, we are using Wifi hotspots. Therefore, we can create a Wifi hotspot using our laptop or PC with this simple CMD trick.

You can instead use this trick to share your wireless dongle internet connection with other devices.

Enter the following command to enable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspotname key=password

Then, to start Hotspot, enter :

netsh WLAN start hostednetwork

As well as to stop hotspot, come:

netsh WLAN stop hostednetwork

Best CMD (CommandPrompt) Tricks And Hacks – [2022]

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